Woof and Howl

Every employee at Pristine Cleaning is an avid animal lover. While we love all animals (big and small...except maybe spiders), our hearts mostly lie with dogs. We have come to discover that our love of pets actually sets us apart from other competing companies in the area. We always treat each and every customer's pet as if they were our own. We never leave the doors open, we use animal friendly products, we love on them, give them treats or medications as needed, take them for walks or out to potty when we first get there, even groom them ourselves or take them to a professional to be done, etc. We offer dog sitting services and provide a Pet Lover's Package for our carpet cleaning services. We have featured a "pet of the month" on our website for a couple of years now and love to donate to animal shelters and military K9 units overseas. We've decided that since our love of pets only grows more and more every day, we would add a special section to our website to feature customer pets, our employee's pets, funny stories we may have, tips and tricks we've picked up, etc etc etc.


*We have each of our customer's sign a photo release form for their pets to be featured on our social media sites and our employees have granted consent as well.


I've grown up around animals my whole life. We've always had more than one dog for as long as I can remember and I grew up with rams, goats, chickens, and the occasional stray cat. My grandfather is probably the one who instilled my love of dogs in me. He actually owned the first Coon Dog inducted into the Coon Dog Hall of Fame! I currently have 6 dogs: Robin Hood (chorkie), Josephine Earp (pitbull/ dachshund), Tank (pitbull/dachshund), Ringo (pittbull/ golden retriever), Gizmo (pitbull), and Brutus (puggle). I also have plenty of chickens and two adorable goats: Lucifer and Stevie (Nigerian dwarf and a fainter).





Pet: Molly.

Customer: Jim.

Age: 2.5 years

Passed: January 2019

Sweet, energetic Molly had to be put down due to issues with a tumor. We knew this girl since she was a pup; she will be missed.


Pet: Khaleesi


Owner:  Erin

Erin and her crew transformed my house and took such care and pride in their work. I was speechless when i arrived home after a hard day at work and found how wonderful my house looked and smelled . Amazing job!