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Window Cleaning


What is one thing that most home owners admittedly hate doing themselves? Cleaning windows. It's time consuming, difficult to get a streak free shine, a hassle with removing the screens, too dangerous to get the high windows on your own, etc. Let us help you. At Pristine Cleaning, we know how valuable your time is. We are ready to do the scrubbing and cleaning for you to provide you with the best possible service around. We are a company small enough that we take the time to get to know our customers on a one on one basis and figure out their wants and needs as well as big enough to tackle jobs ranging from small apartments to luxury homes to new constructions to commercial gigs. Call us today to set up a free estimate.

PROCESS (for residential and most commercial windows)

  • Provide a visual assessment

  • Screens taken out and wiped clean

  • Scrub down each individual window to remove any grime, mold, hard water, and other contaminants

  • Squeegee glass dry to ensure water and chemical remnants are removed from glass pores

  • Edges and window sills wiped cleaned and then dried


Residential Homes: $6-$12 depending upon size of windows, style, make, condition, accessability, and any other outside factors. 

New Constructions: $8-$10 a window without screens, $10-$12 a window with screens. This price also includes cleaning the inside window sills and tracks, removing any and all drywall dust, mud, and paint splatter. 

Commercial Buildings: Price varies depending upon individual needs. Call to set up a bid. 

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