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We have all the newest equipment and top

of the line chemicals to spray for Covid-18. Our chemicals are Epa and CDC registered and verified by the BBB. We use electro-static sprayers and are equally protected by wearing the proper PPE. We can come out to spray in case of a positive case, mostly the same day, if not, the next. We can spray a 5,000 square foot building in less than an hour and you can return normal routines within a half an hour. It doesn’t harm or wet any furniture, paperwork, pets, etc.

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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

If you google "carpet cleaning" in your area, you will found countless companies who all claim to do the "best" job and "will beat competitive pricing"....we don't do that. While, technically we can say we are the "best" and have great rates...that's not what sets us apart in our industry.

With Pristine Cleaning, you aren't just getting technicians that come in, minimal conversation, quick look around, then in and out for the job. You are getting technicians that have conversation with you about what it is your are needing done and your specific goals with the cleaning. We look around and examine the areas needing cleaned. We will give you our professional advice and work with you to meet your needs and budget. We don't just care about getting the job done as quickly as possible or how much money we can make in one cleaning. We care about the client, the client's home, household members and pets. We strive to do the job to the best of our abilities to ensure the client is happy. In our time completing the job, we strive to build a lasting relationship with you (the client).

There are many companies out there, that advertise the lowest pricing around. What those companies don't advertise though, is the up-selling they do once they are in your home. Stain treatment is extra. Scotchguard is extra. Deodorization is extra. Drying is extra. Cleaning out the closets in a bedroom are extra... etc etc etc. With us, there is zero up-selling. The price we advertise is the price you get. We have several different packages available to meet expected budgets. Don't need scotch guard? No problem. We have a basic package for you. Want scotch guard and deodorization? Perfect. We have our standard package which even includes us cleaning your baseboards and ceiling fans. Have a ton of pet stains but don't want to get caught off guard at the added cost for special enzyme cleaners? We have the pet lover's package for that. We won't even press you to clean an entire room if it doesn't need it, we are perfectly happy just doing the high traffic areas or spot treatments for you. Tell us what YOUR needs are and we will work with it.

Customers keep coming back to us because our technicians are constantly taking courses to expand their knowledge and learn the latest information the industry has to offer. Our equipment is top of the line and our chemicals are safe around children and pets. Our professionalism and knowledge speaks for itself with the quality of cleanings we provide.

We have no problem moving your furniture (at no added cost). We don't expect you to vacuum prior to us arriving. We ensure the safety and location of your pets before set up begins. We introduce ourselves to you so you are well aware of the people in your home and around your family. We care, beyond the cleaning.

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