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Carpet Cleaning


At Pristine Cleaning our certified technicians pre-inspect your carpets to identify key areas of concern and anticipate cleaning results. Our equipment is new and top of the line. We use steam cleaning/hot water extraction to efficiently extract soil and stains from your carpet using safe, mild solutions combined with pressure and hot water. 

To maintain your new carpet's warranty, it is suggested to get your carpets cleaned every 18 months. Hard copy receipts available upon request.


• We take steps to protect walls and flooring
• Pre-vacuum to remove dry soil
• Shift light furniture as needed
• Apply and agitate a pre-spray, designed to loosen soil from carpet fibers
• Clean using a heated solution of biodegradable detergents with soft water (provided), then extract with our powerful truck mount vacuum, removing both soils and detergents and leaving carpet clean and soft
• Apply Scotchgard™ brand carpet protector to help keep your carpets cleaner, longer (optional)
• Apply carpet deodorizer, leaving carpets smelling fresh
• Provide protective pads for furniture during drying
• Groom carpet pile for a uniformed look
• Use of powerful air movers to speed up drying time

SCOTCHGARD™ (optional)

1 billion pounds of carpet get thrown away every year. Keep your carpet looking new longer with Scotchgard™ treatments.

Minimum service: $85 or two rooms of high traffic areas

Rooms over 250 sq ft will be charged as multiple rooms, and other rooms that are smaller, we will decide (based on room and items in it) if we can group 2 rooms together for one price. 

All prices are subject to change based on inspection

professional carpet cleaning


Platinum: $85 per room up to 250 sqft 

• Inspection and consultation

• Ceiling fan cleaning in rooms being cleaned

• Dry soil removal

• Pre-treatment of carpet and stains

• Furniture moving

• Hot water extraction

• Post-treatment of spot stains

• Scotchgard™ brand protector

• Deodorization

• Use of industrial airpath dryers for faster dry time

• Baseboard cleaning

• Complimentary shoe covers

• Spot and Stain remover valued at $14.95

• Spot and Spill warranty*


Silver: $75 per room up to 250 sqft​
• Inspection and consultation
• Dry soil removal
• Pre-treatment of carpet and stains
• Furniture shifting
• Hot water extraction*
• Deodorization

• Complimentary shoe covers

Ala Carte

• Scotchgard: $.35 cents per square foot

• Stairs: $45 (up to 14 steps, then $3 each)
• Halls and bathrooms: $35 each

• High traffic areas only (walk ways):  $50.00 per room



Removal not gauranteed

  • Pet stains: $35.00 per room (covers up to 5 stains)

  • Candle wax, nail polish and red stains: $25.00 per room (covers up to 5 stains)

  • Coffee: $25.00 per room (covers up to 5 stains)

  • Grease, oil, tar, paint: $$35.00 per room (covers up to 5 stains)

  • Blood and fecal matter: $50.00 per room (covers up to 2 stains)


Due to the wide variety of rug shapes, sizes, and materials, we only give quotes on inspection.


Campers and RVS

We offer a flat rate special for all campers and RVS of $85.00 per vehicle. This rate includes pre spray, stain treatment, hot water extraction and deodorization. We clean all carpet and upholstry items in the campers/RVS.

Emergency Water Extraction

Due to heavy rain fall or leaking pipes, some home owners may experience unwanted flooding. In that event, our water restoration technicians all the water from carpeted areas (or any other flooring that maybe affected) and set up high powered fans to speed up the drying process. We also leave out dehumidifiers and can rent them to you for a longer period of time. Prices vary based upon type of cleanup needed and how long water has been sitting. $120 emergency clean charge applied and an additional $40 charge for after hour calls.


This package is geared toward homes with dogs and/or cats . It offers the best value for your needs.


  • Dry soil removal

  • Pre spray designed specifically for animal stains

  • Hot water extraction

  • Cleaning of baseboards and table/chair legs that may have been urinated on

  • Topical solution applied that lifts any lingering scents out of the carpet and padding

  • Scotchguard to help prevent future stains

  • Deodorization

  • A bottle of our Vet's Trust Spot Out

  • Drying time assisted with our high powered fans

$160.00 per room. Hallways and stairs quoted about description.

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