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 Organizational Services


Got organizational projects your are interested in doing but don't have the time to devote to it, or the knowledge to know how to begin? Then call us for a free in home estimate. We will come out and take a look at what projects you are looking to get done and we will provide you with a free visual assessment and a written assessment providing a projected time frame and the recommended materials needed. Our staff takes pride in getting items organized in a timely fashion and with a result that will leave you proud of your belongings.

Rooms we will service

Living room/Dining room
Craft Rooms
Toy Rooms
Closets/Mud Rooms/Pantries
Storage Rooms




4 Hours .....................................  $200.00
6 Hours .....................................  $300.00
12 Hours......................................$500.00


Bulk hour packages do not have to be used all at once. You can split the hours up over a consecutive 3 day period. Half of the payment would be provided the first day and the rest upon completetion.

Bulk hour rates

​If you know your project will take an extended lenght of time or you would like multiple rooms worked on at once, we recommend purchasing bulk hours.

*If any extra hours are required, hourly room rates will be applied

Specialized Projects

​If you are more interested in having specific items worked on versus having whole rooms done, then we suggest the following packages:

*Bulk hour rates available for these packages upon request

*Prices quoted upon visual assessment. Larger projects may take more time.


*Photographs, negatives, slides, etc

*Converting negatives to digital copies upon request
Memory Maker

*Memorbilia and collectibles
Chef's Delight

*Cooking and baking items
D.I.Y Lovers

*Crafting items
Movie Buffs

*VHS, DVD, etc
​Music  Lovers

*CDS, LPS, etc
Paper Maker

*Documents, momentoes, notebooks, etc

Book Worms

*Books, magazines, photo albums, etc

Treasure Chest


Holiday Magic

*Holiday/Special occassion decorations

**All items needed for home organization including containers of various sizes, file folders/cabinets, plastic bins, etc will either be provided by the home owner, budgeted into our quote, or we can draft a seperate list including said items + prices.

Maintaince packages recommended after your initial organizition

*If you skip a few months or decide against the recommended maintaince plan then future services will revert back to original pricings

Come back every 3 months..........$100 for 2 hrs
Come back every 6 months..........$135 for 3 hrs
Come back every 12 month..........$175 for 4 hrs


Specialized organizing

*prices based on visual assessment

  • Getting your home ready for the Holidays

  • Help decluttering your home while putting your house on the market

  • Weed out unneeded items while in the process of downsizing

  • Help pricing and sorting items for yard sales or auctions

  • Large trash removal


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